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CERCA friday seminar

CERCA Seminar Schedule

We meet most Fridays in the Miller Room from 12:30 to 1:30 for two 25-30 minute talks.
Good pizza is generally served!! (Bad pizza is never served.) But if there is a particle astrophysics seminar that Friday then we sometimes meet on Tuesday, but sometimes we don't.

Tate Deskins is running the show. To subscribe or unsubscribe to emails, please visit the CERCA Google Groups page.

Seminar DateSpeakers
Jan 27th, 2017
(Fri @ 12:45)
NO CERCA - MPPL-Quantum Loop States in Spin-Orbital Models on the Honeycomb and Hyperhoneycomb Lattices
Feb 3rd, 2017
(Fri @ 12:45)
Tate Deskins - Graviton Mass Bounds
Feb 10th, 2017
(Fri @ 12:45)
Milo Korman - Spectral Distortions to the CMB
Feb 17th, 2017
(Fri @ 12:45)
Scott Akers
Feb 24th, 2017
(Fri @ 12:45)
Johanna Nagy - A New Limit on CMB Circular Polarization from SPIDER
Marcio O'Dwyer - Detecting the ISW effect with Planck
Mar 3rd, 2017
(Fri @ 12:45)
Ozenc Gungor - The EPR Paradox and Bell Inequalities
Robert Halliday - Adventures in Timing and Cosmic Ray Physics
Mar 10th, 2017
(Fri @ 12:45)
Klaountia Pasmatsiou - Women in Physics, Mathematics & Astronomy
Laura Johnson
Mar 17th, 2017
(Fri @ 12:45)
NO CERCA - Spring Break
Mar 24th, 2017
(Fri @ 12:45)
Allen Foster - Testing Fermi's Paradox: Artifact SETI
Chi Tian - Solving Einstein Equations with Adaptive Mesh Refinement
Mar 31st, 2017
(Fri @ 12:45)
Ryan Lorek - Comms Testing & Reconstruction From Simulation
Saurabh Kumar - CMB Spectral Distortions from Within & Beyond Standard Cosmology
Apr 7th, 2017
(Fri @ 12:45)
Jagjit Singh Sidhu
Sean Quinn - Auger detectors at the Telescope Array, another update
Apr 14th, 2017
(Fri @ 12:45)
Emily Dragowsky - Colliding White Dwarfs & Type Ia Supernovae
Jim Mertens - Cosmological Observables in a Black Hole Lattice
Apr 21st, 2017
(Fri @ 9:00)
NO CERCA - Research ShowCASE