Talks from a the workshop “GR effects in cosmological large scale structure held at Sexten Center for Astrophysics,

Workshop sponsored in part by FQXI, through a grant to G. Starkman.


Julian Adamek: Relativistic N-body Simulations of Large-Scale Structure

Daniele Bertacca Relativistic wide-angle galaxy bispectrum on the light-cone: All-sky analysis

Krzysztof Bolejko: Silent universes and observational tests of the LCDM model

Michel-Andrès Breton: Beyond standard RSD: asymmetries in the halo cross-correlation function as a new cosmological probe from linear to non-linear scales.

Stefano Camera: Optimised angular spectra for spectroscopic surveys

Anthony Challinor: Planck 2018 CMB lensing results

Tim Clifton: Cosmological perturbation theory in the presence of non-linear structures

Louis Coates: Ray Tracing in gevolution

Enea Didio: Non-linear relativistic effects

George Ellis: Inhomogeneity effects on observations in cosmology: SN observations and lensing of the CMB

Christian Fidler: Cosmological Structure Formation With Massive Neutrinos

Christopher Gallagher: Perturbation theory for cosmologies with small-scale non-linear structure

Bruno Giacomazzo: Numerical Relativity Simulations of Gravitational-Wave Sources

Tom Giblin: Non-linear Gravity in the Late Universe, Part I

Mikolaj Korzynski: Optical drift effects in cosmology – covariant approach

Kazuya Koyama: The observed galaxy bispectrum in the squeezed limit

Francesca Lepori: Optimal galaxy survey for detecting the dipole in the cross-correlation with 21 cm Intensity Mapping

Antony Lewis: Planck 2018

Roy Maartens: Relativistic effects in galaxy surveys (theory)

Hayley Macpherson: Cosmological simulations of large-scale structure with numerical relativity

Jim Mertens: on-linear Gravity and Observables in the Late Universe, Part II

Sesh Nadathur: Testing GR through environment-dependence of the growth rate

Mario Santos: Cosmology with HI intensity mapping: MeerKAT and the SKA

Roberto Scaramella: Euclid mission, an overview Part I

Roberto Scaramella: Euclid mission, an overview Part 2

Roberto Scaramella: Euclid mission, an overview Part 3

Filippo Vernizzi: Dark energy and modified gravity in the gravitational wave era

Eleonora Villa: The distance – redshift relation in the inhomogeneous universe: improving perturbation theory

David Wands: Interpreting Newtonian simulations in GR