Graduate studies in CERCA are coordinated through the graduate programs of the Physics Department and the Astronomy Department, as well as through the Joint Physics/Astronomy Doctorate Program. Depending on their specific interests, students may apply to any of these programs, all of which are an integral part of the CERCA research community.

CERCA directly connects you to world-class faculty and postdoctoral researchers in some of the fastest growing and most exciting research areas. Interact daily with theorists, observers, and experimentalists on the cutting-edge of astrophysics and cosmology.

As a PhD student, you will study in a small group environment where you can focus on many research areas including:

  •  Dark Matter and Dark Energy
  •  Particle Physics and Quantum Field Theory
  •  High-energy Astrophysics
  •  CMB and Gravity
  •  Galaxies and Large Scale Structure

For applicants with Master’s degrees, greater flexibility in entrance requirements is available.

Deadline: mid-January

Graduate Program in Physics

Graduate Program in Astronomy

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